Complimentary Lattes and Tea

latte and tea stand

When our idea for Snapdoodle in Kenmore was just beginning, I kept hearing from my women friends that they'd miss our weekly coffee klatches, since I'd be too busy to go. Jokingly, I said we would open a latte stand in the store that would offer free lattes and tea for our family oriented clientele. A fun and leisurely shop in Seattle can only be made better by a nice hot drink sometimes, yes?

lavazza espressoWe ended up purchasing a Swiss Saeco Royal Professional superautomatic espresso machine and a Japanese Zojirushi hot water dispenser for tea.   Over 10,000 lattes later, we continue to provide a free latte or tea to all of our customers and it has really been a lot of fun for all of us.  We have a variety of teas, but our coffee is always Lavazza from Italy.  Lavazza is Italy’s number one espresso roasting company and is a bold, smooth and creamy coffee that is a wonderful balance between a Tully’s or a Starbucks type of roast.   And yes, we do have Lavazza decaffeinated upon request as well!