• doodle-zone-picts The Doodle Zone is our wonderful community space, filled with tables and chairs, art supplies, project samples and a wonderful quote by Picasso.  
  • The Doodle Zone has been used by scouting groups, PTAs, post-season sport parties, the Northshore Schools Foundation, and, of course, birthday parties and arts & craft classes !

Hold your next children's birthday party in the Doodle Zone! We specialize in arts & crafts birthdays and we can also do any kind of themed party - LEGO, science, fairies & more. Tailoring themes with your kid’s personal interests allows your child a real sense of ownership and involvement.

We want your kids to have a fantastic and personalized birthday party that is both fun and educational for the kids while being completely hassle-free for the parents! For scouting troops we typically charge $20 an hour. For PTAs and other non-profits we usually allow use of the room for no charge, based on availability. 

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

- Picasso