Complimentary Lattes and Tea

latte and tea stand

When our idea for Snapdoodle Toys in Kenmore was just beginning, my women friends said they'd miss our weekly coffee klatches, since I'd be too busy to go. Jokingly, I said we would open a latte stand in the store that would offer free lattes and tea for our family-oriented clientele. A fun and leisurely shop in Seattle can only be made better by a nice hot drink sometimes, yes?

lavazza espressoWell, my joking comment turned into reality. We purchased a Swiss Saeco Royal Professional superautomatic espresso machine and a Japanese Zojirushi hot water dispenser for tea.  Over 10,000 lattes later, we continue to provide a free latte or tea to all of our customers in Kenmore. 

We offer a variety of teas, but our coffee is always Lavazza from Italy.  Lavazza is Italy’s number one espresso roasting company and its coffee is bold, smooth, and creamy - a wonderful balance between a Tully’s or a Starbucks roast. Plus we offer Lavazza decaffeinated upon request as well!


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